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Looking for a little side hustle? Makes sense to make money from what helps give you the energy to make it happen. And to feel good while you’re doing it, with products that make people feel great and live better.

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help yourself by helping others.

It’s time to take your slice of the pie out of this nearly 13 billion dollar industry in the US, even if you’re on a no carb diet.

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There are countless reasons why people are increasingly becoming more health conscious. Knowledge is number one. Maybe it’s less visits to the doc -- face it, they aren’t fun. Or cheap. And on a personal level, being healthy helps you feel better. Not just physically, but emotionally.

We’re giving you the tools.

To feel better, to earn more.

Who’s it for? Mainly you. But it’s also to help a husband, wife, sibling or mother. There’s no such thing as magic potions. But these products help give the boost to fully living the active life our souls crave.

Our Proucts

The goods to feel good

We’re always looking for newer, better, proven ways to help our (which means your) customers. Products that can be added to any daily lifestyle. Meaning better health for them and more income opportunity for you.

Here’s what we’ve got cooking at the moment.

REMEDY: Our custom calibrated 99.9% hemp oil helps support overall wellness in body and mind.

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REVV: Gives the body and brain an extra kick when it’s needed, without worrying about crashing in the middle of what you’re doing.

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PRIME: Kick out the harmful and keep the helpers; a daily detox to restore your body, mind and soul to peak levels. Experience each day to its fullest.

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BASSE: It’s not a quixotic quest --keep your body feeling firm and flexible inside and out with a combo of collagen and coconut.

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AURA: The pressures of everyday life can build like a steep mountain. Reduce stress by improving mood and supporting your mental health and alertness.

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We hook it up so you can do the same

We all need something extra; here are a couple easy ways to help you earn while simultaneously helping people out.

Hook Up Friend and Family

They Deserve It.

Face it, people you’re close to confide in how hard it is to stay healthy. Or, if they’re a little on the more braggadocious level, they talk about how great they’re doing. Either way, there’s a product here that can help them achieve their goals.

Reach for the Stars

There are no limits

Nutritional products are a multi-billion dollar industry, and companies are looking for ways to get into the action. If you’ve got the connections, sell to stores, gyms, and even broaden your audience online. Helping yourself by helping people you’ve never even met.

We give you the tools

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We’ll hook you up with an online shopping cart, giving you freedom to market how you want. And an easy access point for your customers to choose the products they want. Without you having to lift a finger.

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